What is Langogo Translation Plan?

A Translation Plan is required in order to use Langogo to translate. A translation plan includes a certain amount of traffic you can use within a certain period of time. 

The translation traffic is the data volume generated between your Langogo device and Langogo's server in order to complete the online translation.

How does it work?

Langogo requires connection to the Internet (Langogo server) and stays online when it translates. It sends the data of every translation request to Langogo's server, have the information translated and sends back to your Langogo device for displaying and speaking. Thus there would be traffic generated for translation, and a translation plan is required for it.

Is there a free period of time for the Translation Plan?

Langogo offers 2 years FREE translation plan from the date of the initial activation of your Langogo device.

What's the pricing for the Translation Plan after the first two years?

After the FREE initial two-year, an annual bill of $50 USD is required for the translation plan.